Living in such a digital era today, it would be difficult to escape from the gadget. Many daily needs are made easier with the presence of smart phones and other features.


1. Improve strategy expertise
The majority of children are fond of adventure and strategy games. Where each game has goals or objectives that must be completed in order to proceed to the next step. The goals submitted are also not not often given a duration limit, as a result he needs to use a special strategy so that he can complete it well.

Although this type of game has the potential to cause infatuation, but there are positive numbers that can be obtained.

The child became accustomed to assuming tactics to find the best strategy. If the initial method is in fact not successful, he wants to rack his brain looking for the latest strategies to complete the goal.

This subject must be very useful in the progress of his brain. He has experienced considering important strategies and supplies (back up plan) since childhood.

2. Practicing concentration
Games like those told at the initial value not only want strategy but also require focus. So it’s not confused if sometimes the child doesn’t remember everything when playing games. He didn’t answer Biyung’s call or look away a little.

Surely not because he did not dismiss Biyung, but the goal that must be completed requires full focus.

If Biyung is cunning in formalizing the limit of playing games, this play can be a Focus guidance game.

It could be that Biyung assumes the game is still a game that does not need to be tried in earnest. But it is different from the child who confronts him directly.

For example he played a game about war accompanying the kingdom. He was obliged to make a strong means to dispel competitors, and prepare a complete horde with supporting weapons. No not often there are games of this type that formalize the value for the ‘cost’ of buying weapons.

As a result, he must concentrate fully so that the fort is comfortable, the value of buying weapons is always good, and the war is successfully won.

3. Increase knowledge
Playing games can also increase the insight of the child.

Nowadays many games are set in a place or event that matches the original origin. From the nickname of the city, buildings, products, let alone to meaningful figures in the game, much is obtained from clear life.

Without waking up, the Son raises the latest insights through his play.

4. Minimize stress
Not only children, there are also many old people who produce games like mind-relieving devices. There is a certain kind of happiness when successfully completing the goals submitted, and managed to advance to the next level.

When the rainy season comes where the child can not freely play outside, or when he has no friends to play, the game becomes the right solution for him.

He can bring it inside the house while relaxing in the family room, especially while eating snacks created by Biyung.

From the field of supervision is also easier right, if he plays in the house?

Furthermore, a good game is played when at home and can increase revenue.

Pay attention to Specifications
If you like playing games on a computer, surely the things you can check are your feature expertise in implementing the game. Expert details allow features to easily play the game.

Preview the game details that you want to play first. Observe the desire of RAM, if the game can run with RAM matches your laptop’s expertise, this is a good matter.

If you want the game to run more easily on your laptop, you may need to upgrade at least 8GB of RAM. 8GB of RAM is pretty good for dealing with small to medium games.