Get Rich With OSG888

If you want to find an android application or permainan that pays directly to a bank akun, thats a difficult thing, there are also android permainan that can produce like that is selling permainan akun IDs, but it violates the policies of permainan providers and Google Play. Its just that this method requires a long time, because the permainan akun id sold must be high tingkat.

Get Rich With OSG888

In fast- paced times like today, you can get money from many ways, which is halal. You can get it by working in general, or by utilizing technology that is currently being developed rapidly.

The use of current technology that can make money for example by e- commerce, selling online, to playing online permainan.

To be honest, it might be difficult to remember that all of their wealth is in the millions. You may even see on film sites such as Youtube of these professional- style” ahli” permainan, you can be sure they will take a very long time to practice reflexes and precision and intelligence in playing permainan up to that stage.

Clash of Clans

This permainan which was populer a few months ago is one of the permainan that can make money for its players. With a number of players of more than 20 million people, this permainan pengembang even has an income that reaches more than 18 trillion rupiahs in one year, isnt that fantastic?

With such fantastic numbers, there are many gaps that you can use to make money from this permainan. The easiest way is to sell your CoC akun. To sell your CoC akun, at least you must have a town hall tingkat 6, because starting from tingkat 1 to 5 does not require a lot of effort.

At tingkat you can get 25 thousand rupiahs for each deff and troops max, at tingkat seven 100 thousand for deff max, 75 thousand for troops max, and 25 thousand for barbarian king max, up to tingkat 11 you can get money not less than 10 million rupiah.

Another way you can do is to enter a CoC tournament. Although not as much as a few years ago, at least you can still participate in tournaments that are still milling around in the world.


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this permainan is an online permainan with a MOBA jenis similar to DotA 2. If you are a Dota 2 player, we are sure you will definitely enjoy playing this permainan. Just like other e- sports many people are competing in this permainan tournament.

In its history there are even some e- sports tournament organizers World Health Organization are willing to give cash prizes worth 1 billion rupiah.

In contrast to CoC which is starting to dim, this permainan is currently still shining and in our opinion remains one of the permainan that you can calculate to make money. But certainly not as easy as CoC where you can sell your akun. The only way to make money from this permainan is to take part in many e- sports tournaments, and win of course.


Apart from the few MOBA permainan that we mentioned above, we also offer you another type of permainan to make money namely MarketGlory which is a simulation type. Permainan that can make money have even been the subject of many people.

This strategy simulation permainan requires you to set up companies, organizations, even government and military. You are required to run the joints of life so that political, economic, and social conditions can take place properly.